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March 19, 2013 / demarquettechoc

Brighten Up Easter With Harlequin-Style Chocolate Eggs

Half Dozen Chocolate Harlequin Eggs

Half Dozen Chocolate Harlequin Eggs

Excited children dressed in their Sunday best, scurrying around with colourful baskets while eagerly searching high and low for those last elusive eggs—there is nothing quite like a good ol’ fashioned Easter egg hunt to capture the light-hearted, joyous spirit of the occasion. This year, we at Demarquette have decided to create our Easter Chocolate Collection with inspiration from one of the most light-hearted and joyful characters we know—the Harlequin!

Harlequins have been entertaining audiences for a long time. The evolution of these funny fellows is said to have been especially influenced by the “Zanni” character type of Commedia dell’arte, a form of Italian improvisational theatre beginning in the 16th century. Harlequins are well known for amusing crowds through their frivolous pranks and silly behaviour. They are traditionally silent characters, speaking only through the use of exaggerated gestures and zany acrobatic tricks. The Harlequin’s distinctive outfit includes a mask and bright diamond-patterned tights made up of sharply contrasting colours.

Chocolate Caramel Quails Eggs

Dozen Chocolate Caramel Quail Eggs

This Easter, our luxury chocolate eggs have been designed with the Harlequin’s costume in mind, each egg being hand painted in two vivid tones. These come in brightly coloured cartons of four chocolates and six chocolates—excellent for any egg hunt. We are also offering individual eggs at a tremendously delicious 18cm tall! These are also painted in the Harlequin-style, made of either our pure dark chocolate or milk chocolate, and encrusted with mini fruit caramels. And if you’re looking for something a bit smaller but just as big on taste, we are delighted to present our range of fruity Chocolate Caramel Quail Eggs. In light of our whimsical theme, we have even designed a new sleeve abounding in bunnies especially for these quail egg boxes.

Just as the playful Harlequin can bring merriment to any occasion, we hope this year’s vibrant selection of chocolate eggs will bring joy to any Easter celebration. From all of us at Demarquette, Happy Easter and happy hunting!


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