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August 27, 2010 / demarquettechoc

How to choose chocolate

Pure Luxury Demarquette Chocolate

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I often get asked what to look for when choosing chocolate. With the vast variety of chocolate on offer, it can certainly be confusing. Ultimately chocolate is to be enjoyed and experienced on a personal level so tastes can differ widely from some favouring milk over dark and vice versa, some even dare I say it loving white. Others look for origins, percentages, pure or flavoured.  Nevertheless there are some basic guidelines that I offer to ensure you are choosing good quality.

  • Favour Latin American or Caribbean origins, but dare to be adventurous – there are some great new and exotic chocolates out there to explore. But be aware of the ethical issues faced by some of the mass producing countries such as Ghana and the Ivory Coast
  • Look for chocolate made using Criollo or Trinitario bean varieties
  • For best flavour tones in dark chocolate choose between 65% and 72%
  • For milk chocolate above 35% cocoa content
  • Remember white chocolate is technically not chocolate as it doesn’t contain cocoa.
  • Avoid chocolate with added vegetable oils
  • Avoid chocolate made using Forastero beans variety
  • Avoid low cocoa mass percentage chocolate, i.e. anything below 55% for dark chocolate or below 23% for milk chocolate
  • Ask how the chocolate has been produced, i.e. mass vs. skilled craftsmanship
  • If in any doubt question the producer – contact details are usually on packaging.


For a good overview of the difference in taste between origins, plantations and types I recommend our Demarquette Pure Collection which we offer as a ganache selection as well as bars and I’m told we have the widest selection of single origin and single estate chocolates available. And we also have a lot of information about the history of chocolate, origins/varieties and health benefits on our main website.

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