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August 13, 2010 / demarquettechoc

Keeping it natural, keeping it local!

Marc Demarquette and dairy farmer Will

Marc Demarquette meeting dairy farmer Will and his Jersey Herd

At Demarquette we take fine chocolate in its purest form and hand-blend it with just a few simple yet powerfully flavoured fresh ingredients which further enhance the chocolate and create its own unique character. I insist on using only the freshest and purest ingredients and source them from local suppliers, where possible. As you may know from my appearance on BBC1’s Panorama – Chocolate, the bitter truth, I carefully and strictly select all my ingredients from traceable and ethical sources. The provenance of our fresh cream is paramount and I personally know the farmers whose dairy herds graze in Cornwall and Hampshire. I pick my homegrown fruit and berries from my family orchard in the French Alps and our own aromatic blend of honey is harvested from the sweet nectar of wild meadow flowers.

I am very proud that all of our luxury chocolate products are entirely developed and produced in Britain at our chocolaterie in North Kensington, London.

I invite you to watch a short slide show of one of my trips to the dairy farm in Cornwall as well as getting to know the bees that work tirelessly to make the purest honey. Enjoy!

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