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December 17, 2013 / demarquettechoc

A very Merry Chocmas!

Around the world, many cultures have differing meals for Christmas Dinner or whatever happens to be the celebration at that time of year for that particular place.

We thought we’d do a little bit of research to see how other cultures from around the world celebrate Christmas and what types of food they eat as their staple meals! In our research, we found out what a few of the most well known countries in the world eat for their Christmas lunches and dinners. Some of the findings might shock you!

In the United Kingdom, we have our traditional roast dinners, mainly turkey, but sometimes other meats with a vast array of sides constituting of stuffing, roast potatoes and vegetables while the traditional dessert is aptly named Christmas Pudding.

The United States of America have adopted many of their customs from their roots in the United Kingdom and have very similar meals. Persons from France participate in Réveillon, a long dinner, which often consists of oysters, foie gras and champagne.

In the south however, Australians consume fresh seafood such as prawns and crayfish due to their summer being our winter. This is often accompanied by cold meats such as ham and chicken with barbecued side meals of wings and steaks with lots of salad.  Australians partake, with their New Zealand neighbours, in the consumption of pavlova; a dessert of baked meringue covered with fruit.

Fun fact, according to the ABC, Japan’s Christmas meal is Kentucky Fried Chicken! With turkey non-existent in Japan, many get the next best thing – fried chicken. Families often order meals two months in advance not to miss out!

Whatever your traditions are for food at Christmas time, in whatever culture you celebrate in, why not pair your Christmas meal after dinner drinks with our fine and luxury chocolates sourced from the highest quality ingredients from around the world?

For our Festive Season 2013, Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette, has created a unique and tasty selection of chocolates especially ‘For You’.

Wake up on a snowy Christmas morning to find a Christmas Tree and Bauble Gift Box under the brightly lit Christmas tree, ready and waiting  to be unwrapped for your early morning chocolate pleasure. Eat it all at once, maybe savor it a little but remember not to leave it next to the picturesque fire place! The box contains a Christmas tree made entirely out of silky smooth 35% Malagasy milk chocolate sourced from the African Island of Madagascar with four festive flavoured caramel chocolate baubles including popular favourites and award-winning Apple and Spice and Cornish Sea Salt Caramel.

Who doesn’t love ‘Afternoon Tea’ on Boxing Day? Christmas is over and done with and everyone is relaxing in the living room next to the roaring fire place to evade the frosty chill creeping in from outside. Pair the fire place and some family bonding with a lovely cup of tea and Demarquette’s range of Delights and Decadence caramels that reflect Britain’s emotional attachment to tea and the different flavours we all love and enjoy.  But don’t be mistaken, for those of you who prefer the velvety taste of coffee more, you are not excluded here, as individual flavours will transport you to the silk-lined, sophisticated coffee shops of Vienna or to a Valentinoesque Bedouin tent with a canopy of twinkling stars winking at you as you contemplate life’s important questions…which chocolate should you have next? Before cousin Richard interrupts your chocolate induced day dreams to tell you that all the Christmas pudding is gone. 

It’s the season to give and share with one another so how about sharing a box of one of our Christmas Caramel Collections with your friends, family or maybe even a stranger. Our Christmas Caramel Collection is perfect to share around with those you love consisting of popular traditional and festive flavours. Demarquette’s The English Garden collection transports you back  to the memories of running through your grandmother’s garden to see if Santa’s reindeer’s left any foot prints behind, before racing back to the house as quickly as you can to get back to the warmth while the smell of the roses, violets and lavenders follows you all the way to the door. 

Need some ideas to fill those stockings hanging above the fire place? No problem! We have some products that fit just right inside those stockings. Our Milk Chocolate Snowmen come in small, bite sized pieces that melt in your mouth and are popular with all ages. The Santa’s Sack of Chocolate Marbles are hand-painted chocolate marbles that delight those both young and old and are beautifully presented to seem  as if it is a gift from Santa himself! Both of these products are made from Demarquette’s own unique house blend of only the finest single origin chocolate from Venezuela, Madagascar and Java. 

From all of us here at Demarquette, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas! 

Please see more information on our delicious chocolates on our website

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