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June 1, 2012 / demarquettechoc

The Making of the Harrods Diamond Jubilee Chocolate Crown

This June week-end marks The Queen’s 60th year on the throne. To celebrate, Harrods have invited Chocolatier Marc Demarquette to design a majestic chocolate crown that is currenlty being showcased in Harrods’ world-famous windows.

Until 10th June Harrods’ world famous windows are featuring a custom-built display of crowns, each of which is based on a replica of the St Edward’s coronation crown. British Luxury curator of chocolate and Harrods Chocolatier Marc Demarquette, along with 31 of the most prestigious maisons available at Harrods, including Paul Smith, De Beers, Tiffany & Co, Boucheron, Roja Dove, Prada, Mulberry, Faberge and Lanvin, has been exclusively selected to create bespoke a crown in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

Marc’s theme and inspiration for his chocolate crown is the Commonwealth – creating a near replica of the Coronation Crown using the Harrods House Couverture Chocolate and ingredients found in Commonwealth countries for the distinctive Demarquette-styled decorations.

Taking a week to complete, the crown is coated with a fine layer of white chocolate and edible gold. Cocoa beans and Harrods coffee beans that represent the producers in the Commonwealth act as diamonds and each of the 46 large chocolate jewels has been individually hand painted and glossed to create a precious stone sparkle. The fur has been replicated in coconut, dried tea and coffee beans grown in Commonwealth countries and delicate chocolate Lily Flowers have been added to represent the Pacific member states.

We are honoured and proud to have been invited by Harrods to create a chocolate crown for such an important and unique historical occasion. Back in ancient time’s chocolate was exclusive to royalty, so once again I set out to create a Royal Jubilee Chocolate Crown fit for a Queen.

To taste the crown jewels, we have also created a special edition Royal Jubilee collection of Kentish Cobnut Chocolate Pralines – a 2011 Guild of Fine Food Triple Gold Award Winner. Gently roasted Kentish grown cobnuts from Hurstwood Farm are skilfully combined with the Demarquette house blend of single origin chocolates and Cornish cream. The cobnut praline filling is then encased in milk and dark jewel-shaped chocolate shells.

The hand painted assortment is made up of four golden milk chocolate and four silver dark chocolate jewels, all displayed in an exclusive box devoted to the Diamond Jubilee.

We suggest this unique commemorative chocolate collection for all types of Diamond Jubilee celebrations, as we wish Her Majesty continued good health and a long reign.

Wishing all a great celebratory week-end and Jubilee year.

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