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February 6, 2012 / demarquettechoc

Chocolate and Oat-stravaganza

Recently, Demarquette Fine Chocolates paired with Rude Health to recreate their World Porridge Championship (unfairly deemed) second-place dish for a select group of the food blogging community.  The crowd overwhelmingly ranted that the dish should have taken the first place title.  “The entry that didn’t make it is probably the best porridge I have ever eaten…” said Judith Lewis of  Regardless, the team of Marc Demarquette and Nick Barnard created a dish described as nothing less than moreish. Image

Nick’s vision was to bin the idea of porridge being something your granny force-fed you as a child, and make it sexy.  How to do that, you ask?  Pair it with Demarquette chocolate and a mouth-watering salted caramel sauce infused with Halen Mon Anglesey Sea Salt.  It is no wonder the judges awarded it second – they had been so accustomed to tasting the plain boiled oats that they must have been in a state of shock while marking the dish!

The collaboration began at the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales where Marc decided he could help to make Nick’s vision of sexy porridge come to life.  According to Marc, they “smiled and smirked like little children for days” when they finally landed on the perfect combination.  Check out this video by which sums up the combination fabulously.Image

The night consisted of a porridge demo by Nick and caramel demo by Marc (followed by tasting, of course).  The salted caramel presentation was captured by World Chocolate Guide in this video (recipes to come soon).  LondonEats mentioned, “I’m pretty sure that chocolate and salted caramel have never been enjoyed in such a healthy way!”

Marc even created an oat milk-based hot chocolate spiked with a shot of Old Pulteney Whiskey for good measure.  Jennifer Earle of World Chocolate Guide was inspired by the delectable drink and created her own (non-alcoholic) recipe for a breakfast indulgence that you can view here.

The union of chocolate and oats was so divine that Demarquette created a Puffed Oats and Praline Chocolate Heart just in time for Valentine’s Day.  

In spite of of a second-place standing, we are now convinced porridge is sexy! Can you think of a better way to end your Monday than with a combination of chocolate, oats, caramel and whiskey?  We can’t.

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