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April 8, 2011 / demarquettechoc

Fortnum & Mason Royal Wedding Chocolate Collection made by Marc Demarquette

As the world looks forward to the upcoming nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29th April, Fortnum & Mason has created an exclusive range of commemorative gifts, from chocolate and china to Swarovski-encrusted Rose Petal Jelly and shortbread petticoat tails. (Click here for details about the entire gift range and Click here to link directly to the chocolates)

Fortnum & Mason Royal Wedding Chocolates by Marc Demarquette

Fortnum & Mason Royal Wedding Chocolates by Marc Demarquette

To accompany this historic celebration, Fortnum’s commissioned Chocolatier Marc to select his favourite chocolates from the Demarquette range that represent all corners of the United Kingdom. Our popular and unique range of classic collections and chocolates that celebrate the great variety of unique ingredients that thrive on British soil offered the perfect choice so the Fortnum & Mason Royal Wedding Chocolate Collection contains fruity chocolates from our “Great British Orchard Collection”, delicate floral flavours from ‘The English Garden Collection’, the Kentish Cobnut hybrid caramel praline chocolate from ‘The Nutkeeper’s Collection’ as well as an exclusive Welsh Bara Brith and of course the Cornish Sea Salt Caramel.

The Royal Wedding Chocolate Collection is a limited edition box which is exclusively available at Fortnum & Mason, so make sure to stop by Piccadilly to add it to your Royal Wedding celebrations.

Here’s an overview of the flavours:

Kentish Cobnut – Unique to the market, a hybrid praline caramel in a hand painted milk chocolate shell.

Devon Strawberry Caramel – Award winning hand painted milk chocolate caramel flavoured with ripe Strawberries from Devon. A 2009 Great Taste Awards winner.

Scottish Raspberry Caramel – Hand painted milk chocolate shell filled with a Scottish Raspberry Caramel, of course made with real & ripe hand-picked raspberries and luxurious cream.

English Rose – The most classic of English flavours, the delicate and fragrant floral tones of pure rose petals perfectly combine with the strong cocoa flavour of the dark chocolate shell.

Violet – A quintessentially English flavour. Made with fresh violet petals, the delicate floral tones and dark chocolate create a sublime balance of pure delight. A 2009 Great Taste Awards winner.

Cornish Sea Salt Caramel – Salt and chocolate really are the perfect match and our Salted Caramels made with our 71.1% house blend, pure cream and Cornish Sea Salt have been amongst one of our most popular chocolates from our Caramel range.

Welsh Bara Brith – A tribute to traditional welsh ‘speckled bread’ – Raisins gently soaked in English tea, paired with candied orange and surrounded by luxury milk chocolate.

The Fortnum & Mason Royal Wedding Collection is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Royal Family.

By strictly and consistently applying only the highest quality demands, Chocolatier Marc Demarquette was commissioned by Fortnum & Mason back in 2007 to create and supply a unique collection of chocolates. To this day, Marc is their exclusive Chocolatier with a dedicated and permanent collection at the store.

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